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Peter V

 I recently stopped in at Regency as I was hoping to complete a DIY irrigation system for my greenhouse and garden.  I was very impressed by the level of service and openness to allow for homeowners to complete their own projects.  After sending Pete from Regency a drawing of what I was hoping to water, he went through all the parts and pieces I needed and showed me exactly how to put everything together, all for a very fair price.  The installation went very smooth and I had all the parts I needed.  I would definitely recommend these guys for anyone looking to do an irrigation install themselves.  Thanks again Pete! 

Ken D

 A great place to deal with. They are very willing to help a homeowner get up to speed on a project. I had a major component left over from a pond project. After a year, typical homeowner project, they gave me a full credit. 

Alex W

 Could not have completed my project without these guys. Came in with a vague idea of what I needed to do and they sent me away with a complete plan and detailed instructions. They really do make an irrigation system installation possible for the average person. 

Paul H

 A very Good one stop for shopping for DIY parts and installation. After a year of hunting large Box stores and shopping online I found most everything I needed. The staff knows their stuff and is helpful. When I am in the US of course I can buy some things for less but happy overall with price for convince. 

Michael S

 Great place to find all your irrigation system needs.  Patient and will work with you to get your system and spares  

A.J. C

 I broke a sprinkler head and couldn't find a replacement part on the web.  Took the part and a photo of the riser into Regency and they had the problem sorted out in 5 minutes.  My husband installed the part with no problems whatever.  Total cost for the part I needed and some extras - $10.85.