Troubleshooting the Hydrawise Timer

Hunter Hydrawise 

Do you have the Hydrawise WiFi Timer from Hunter? If you are having issues watch this video for troubleshooting.

How to install spillways into a wall

Aquascapes Spillways 

This is a cool video on how all the components fit together to make a contemporary water feature out of a wall.

How do Irrigation valves work?

Check out this great video on the operation and mechanics of irrigation valves. The more you know the easier it is to fix your valves should you have a problem.

How to program the Irritrol Kwik Dial Controller

Irritrol Kwik Dial Controller Programming

Spring is here, do you need a refresher on how to program your controller? 

How to install the RainBird LNK Wifi module

Rain Bird LNK Wifi Module

Rainbird walks you through the installation, setup and connection of the net LNK wifi module.

How to construct a waterfall


Aquascapes Waterfall Construction

Construction Tips from the Field!  Learn the step by step approach to building natural-looking waterfalls for your pond from the pond experts at Aquascape. 

How to change a solenoid

A common issue we find with sprinkler systems is that Solenoids sieze up and allow the valve to leak by. This video is from Orbit and does a good job of explaining how to replace a solenoid. This installation can be applied to any brand of valve. We stock replacement solenoids of every major brand.

How to buld a Backyard Pond

 See how easy it is to transform your outdoor living space with the Aquascape DIY Backyard Pond Kit!  Your pond maintenance is greatly reduced when you use an ecosystem approach to create your garden water feature using an easy-to-install kit. 

How to adjust Mp rotators

How to adjust a rotor

This shows how to adjust the Hunter PGP Rotor. Other brands are similar but my have a left fixed start vs a right fixed stop. 

How to change a spray nozzle