Atlantic Variable Speed Pump Controller

This video explains how to install the TidalWave Variable Speed Controller for use with the Atlantic TTSeries Pumps. Ideal for specific pump control.

Rain Bird LNK WiFi Module

Check out the Rain Bird LNK Module that works on old and new timers and puts the control in the palm of your hand.

Aquascapes Fire Fountain

Check out this cool product from Aquascapes. Water & Fire combined. Easy to install as it is a self contained unit. Stop by our store for more information.

Airmax Eco - Algae Off (D-Solv)

Do you have String Algae Issues in your pond? We sell D-Solv Products (Algae Off) that kill and eliminate Algae

Kichler Landscape Lighting 

How Landscape Lighting enhances your property, while reduces costs compared to traditional lighting.

Rain Bird Drip Irrigation Equipment

This is a great video showing the different types of Drip Irrigation and Micro Sprinklers. Always in stock at the store.

Atlantic Water Gardens Wall Spouts

Check out the Atlantic Mantova Wall Spout. We always stock this one and many more.

Aquascapes Fountain Kits

We carry a variety of Fountain Kits  from Patio Ponds, Fire Fountains, Basalt Columns and Urns.

Aquascapes Water Gardens

Nothing more than a little inspiration. Add a water feature to your backyard!

Kichler Hardscape Light

We love the Kichler Hardscape Light. Available in different colors and sizes it quickly accents any step, wall or pillar.

 Aquascape introduces its revolutionary new waterfall kit that pairs a Waterfall Spillway with an AquaBasin 45.  Never before has a backyard waterfall been so easy to install!  Can be used in both residential and commercial settings. 

Kichler Gen 3 Accent Light - Landscape Lighting

Kichler is rewriting the rules for integrated LED flexibility and reliability.   Variable Lumen Output is the new standard in landscape lighting design versatility and installation.  

Toro Precision Nozzles 

 July is Smart Irrigation Month. Update your nozzles to the Toro Precisions. Increase your coverage efficiency while reducing your water consumption. 

Hunter Irrigation - Hydrawise WiFi Timer

This timer is one of the best WiFi timers on the market. Available in a 6 station and 12 station version. Save water while having control of your system in the palm of your hand.

Kichler Design Pro LED Landscape Lights

We love Kichler low voltage LED landscape lights. We stock more lights than anybody in Alberta. Interested in learning more? We have a fully functional landscape lighting room at our showroom.