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What Regency can do for you

 Regency Irrigation is a leader in Calgary for Pond, waterfall and water feature supplies. We have been serving the industry for over 10 years with top quality brands. Our certified staff can help you design your system, make sure the proper equipment is selected and show you how to properly install the equipment. Below is a list of products that we have to offer:

  • Pumps
  • Filters
  • Skimmers
  • Wiers & Spillways
  • Pump Vaults
  • Algae Control Products
  • Water Treatment Products
  • UV Clarifiers & Ionizers
  • Fountain Basins

Getting Started

To calculate pond volume

The first step in determining your pond size is to figure out how many gallons your pond is. To do this you use the following formula.  Width x Length x Depth x 7.5 = # of Gallons10’ x 15’ x 3’ = 450 Cu. Ft.
450 Cubic Feet x 7.5 gallons = 3375 gallons - This will be required when determining the proper pump size.

To calculate liner size

It is important to make sure that the liner is sized appropriatley because you don't want to come up short, which could result in a leak or having to glue two pieces of liner together. To determine your liner size use the following calculation. (Length + Twice Depth + 3' ) = Total Length. (Width + Twice Depth + 3') = Total Width 

Calculating Waterfall Flow Rate 

Light Flow = 100 gph per inch of spillway
Average Flow = 150 gph per inch of spillway
High Flow= 200 gph per inch of spillway
Width of Spillway x Desired Flow Rate = Total GPH 

Pipe Sizing

Only a certain amount of water can physically fit through any diameter of tubing. Despite the dimensions of the pumps discharge, tubing must be sized based on the amount of flow required. 

Why We sell airmax

Check out this great video. It is a comparison of the Airmax EcoSeries Floating Fountain vs the Kasco Floating Fountain.

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